New Poems: Found & Made-Up






Poems are their own pictures, of course. And here are some that, as usual, look out the window of the imagination, and finding the random item of memory or experience invent their own narrative glimpses, engage in an agon with reality, framing it as it were, with the senses, with their own own "notional ekphrasis." For in the end, the whole act of poetry is ekphrastic.


But poems are also, and always, made-up things. "A machine made of words," said William Carlos Williams. Or, for the poem to be able to carry its own weight, and carry you, Reader, across some gulf, it must be "as skillfully and solidly constructed," says Auden, "as a table or a motorcycle."  Thus it is also a craft that, like craftiness, can weave either a basket or a maze, so that no one can really predict what it will do or where it will go, and "Only a fool pretends to know what might happen when a poem finds a reader."


It certainly feels good to know I've found some of mine (the hit counter says so), but that's only the first step.



Haibun from the Wildlife Park

Downpour at Fontana

Accompanying My Son to an Immigration Clinic

Poem Found in Phone

Typhoon Haikai

Clothes Father Wore

The Day of the Manangs

Lush Life