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This is my vanity section (as if this whole web thing is not). But allow me a little more self-indulgence by showing this handsome picture here. It's me at the art gallery and café of the Philippinee Intellectual Property Office (IPO Philippines) in Makati, taking questions after I read one of my poems. Don't I look cool, like a real public guy, perhaps a rich art collector, with that colorful painting in the background? I never got to trace the photographer, when I asked around at IPO I was told the guy must have transferred jobs (because of this picture?).


So with this image that makes me look like a real speaker (I am not that good, I usually read from written notes or depend much on my Keynote visuals), here are some of the essays, articles, or lectures I've been requested to give, usually on poetry, translation, and the like. This section is also for the occasional student who requests for the copy of a lecture or speech. 




Electronic Nostalgia (Or Why I Love My Mac)

Ekphrasis, Or: The Picture Poem

Bakit Panitikan ang Panitikan by Virgilio S. Almario

Why Literature is Literature (translation)

Kung Ano, at Ano ang Gamit, ng Porma sa Tula

Ang Lugì, at Tubò, ng Salin (Profit & Loss in Translation)